Kari Jay is a sista who devotes her life to exemplifying her blueprint for liberation in everything she does. She is an artist turned educator and multi-faceted producer. Kari Jay's music has a "global soul" feel that combines her passion for the present with her ancestral roots. This culmination of work, products, and services, which aims to be the bridge for the future generation, shows the importance of our united resolve and radical support. 1Love.

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From the people
Kari Jay is my trusted comrade and soul sista. I believe in her vision to lead our people forward ever and be there when it matters most. I’ve worked with Kari to build solidarity throughout the African Diaspora and to share political education with young people from around the world. Her music, much like her revolutionary spirit, lights a fire within everyone she touches and every space she enters.
— EluOmelora Jasmine Hall (Founder of the African Diaspora Alliance)
I love being a client of Kari Jay’s. She has styled my Krown when I had locs & now without. She has amazing skill and product knowledge that will have you feeling and looking like royalty. I highly recommend her because her creativity and the entire experience is unmatched!
— Christine Ellie (Registered Nurse)
Kari Jay is a star who amplifies the beauty and power of diasporic art and culture. From music to Krown care and arts production, Kari is a gem to her generation.
— Charm Taylor (Future South Creative Agency)
Kari Jay is a multi-faceted creative, entrepreneurial , soul sista! Her revolutionary spirit and style spews passion in everything she puts her mind to. Her talents bring different communities together and exposes them to the abundant world in which Kari makes the most. She is an inspiration to me and I love how she brings together young minds and elders alike to bridge the gap of what seems like different worlds!
— 🦋🤍 Imani Divine
Kari is a true creatress in every sense. Her compassion for others and her commitment to bettering the environmental conditions of her community are at the foundation of her life’s work. Her resourcefulness and resilience fuel her expansive vision. It is through her soul rooted creative process that she brings into full fruition her Art in the form of projects, music, endeavors and the list goes on.
— Tia Williams (Founder of the W2W Movement)